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What would you hear if you could? (V)
June, 2023
[sound installation, performance]
SYSTEM, shanghai, china

Writing diaries became an act of survival during the Covid days.
How can these acts of witness be listened to and preserved in an age of forgetfulness?

108 bags of vibrating disquiet filled with whispered secrets.

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 17.43.22.png

What would you say if you could? (VI)
February, 2022
[public intervention, performance]
WU KANG ROAD, shanghai, china

Public intervention under the trees of Shanghai's popular Wu Kang Lu, where the artist sat under the tree during the whole of Valentine's Day and invited strangers to whisper their secrets.

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 18.06.39.png

What would you hear if you could? (I)
October, 2021
[sound installation]
HOME LIFE, shanghai, china

fly net, 25 bluetooth earphones, 25 second-hand cellphones

Trapped voices, unheard voices.

For a year, in nine countries, in borderlands, refugee camps, homes of migrant workers, I repeatedly asked women "What would you say if you could?"

The Installation creates a new way for listeners to engage with foreign, unknown voices, and tests the boundaries of empathetic listening.


virtual light installation

BEYOND GARDEN is inspired by the ancient Chinese classic Commentary of the Water Classics —a geological essay on the phenomenological language of water that de-centers the human narrative onto the margins. Historically, gardens are a manifestation of utopian ideals, an anthropocentric creation of domesticated, imagined nature. Contemporary gardens are also collective, public spaces for gathering, especially taking on socio-political urgency during the pandemic. By attempting to embody the fluidity depicted in Commentary of the Water Classics, BEYOND GARDEN seeks to reconcile the limits of the anthropocene with the intimation of a language and nature that is beyond anthropocentric encounter.

The web VR experience and accompanying AR filter opens a vast, flowing, oceanic desert—reimagining a poetic, collective, post-Anthropocene future where nature no longer centers the human. The meditative light and color of the landscape are reactive to the viewers’ time of day, location, and the moon’s API, and the viewer is free to explore all corners of the landscape through keypad controls. Music is an original creation inspired by traditional Chinese musical textures: layered strings, no vocals, and the audio is also reactive to visitor movements and their time of day. The accompanying AR filter allows the visitor to transport their homes into BEYOND GARDEN and explore the new site-specific work in a truly immersive way.


featured as January 2022 cover story on LIFE Magazine, China

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