8/20 - 22 china/italy : "language of the body"
workshop @ Creative Shelter

6/26 7 PM shanghai: Freqs performance, tri
5/20 6 PM EST: Johns hopkins mfa reading
5/3 4:30 PM shanghai: powerlong museum performance
5/2 3 PM shanghai: powerlong museum "Language of the body"
3/27 7pm shanghai: freqs performance, tri

2/18 6 PM EST: Watson on the web: jinjin xu & philip metres 
2/10 8:30 PM EST: "Processing the pandemic through poetry"
1/4 2PM: In-person event in Shanghai 馨巢书屋诗友会第四期
1/9 noon est: one minute press launch party


12/4 8PM est: wade into activism, artist talk with Jennifer Chin 
11/20 8pm est: Chapbook launch with yanyi, Aria Aber, Anne Carson, Robert Currie (recording)
11/15: The Immigrant Artist Biennial Performance: Mother tongues 
11/15: Conversation with Kirun Kapur - Amherst asian alum (recording)
10/19: Chapbook pre-orders live!
10/3: Brooklyn book festival - Annual brooklyn indie party  
hosted by greenlight bookstore (recording)
9/29 7PM EST: Black warrior Review reading
9/13 : on writing poetry through exile, asylum, and Diaspora,
         A conversation with Abdul samad haidari  (recording)


92y discovery prize, runner-up, 2021

best new poets Nomination, Florida review

Pushcart Nomination, Black Warrior Review, 2020

Pushcart Nomination, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 2020

Finalist, The Cecil Hemley Memorial Prize judged by Sally Wen Mao, Poetry Society of America, 2020

Winner,  Own Voices Chapbook Prize, Radix Media 2020, judged by Aria Aber

Honorable Mention, Four Quartets: Poetry in the Pandemic, Tupelo Press, 2020

Honorable Mention, 2020 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize, judged by Paisley Rekdal 

Winner, The George Bogin Memorial Prize judged by Carrie Fountain, Poetry Society of America, 2020

Art of Future Imaginations Grant, NYU Tisch, 2020

Fellow, Center for Book Arts, 2020

Fellow, Global Research Institute, Athens, Greece, 2020

Fellow, NYU Screenwriting Production Lab, 2019

Shortlist, Cosmonauts Avenue Nonfiction Prize, 2019

Lillian Vernon Fellowship, NYU Poetry MFA, 2018 - 2021

Fellow, Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, 2017 - 2018

Curatorial Fellow, Flaherty Seminars, 2017

Double short-list, Disquiet International Literary Prize, 2017

Research Fellow, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 2016

G. Armour Craig Award for Prose Composition, The Corbin Prize, Amherst College, 2016

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Silkworm Pupas Video-Poem in Response to Anti-Chinese Sentiments, Cultbytes, 2021

Immigrant Artist Biennial, Cultbytes, 2020

在人间|一个出现在雅加达难民营并独自横跨亚欧非9国的神秘女孩儿“徐今今”,  2020

The Silent Plight of the Stateless , Li Xin Xin, 2020

Featured Profile, Re-Orient, 2020

Introduction to The Scores'  English as Additional Language Special Issue, 2020

"Feminism as a way of Diasporic Life," Roundtable, Launch of Women's Studies Quarterly, 2019

Three Watson Fellows for 2017, Amherst, 2018

Fellowship Announcements, The Amherst Student, 2018

Young Enough to Change the World, Michael R. Connolly and Brie K. Goodis, Kalindi Press, 2015