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“Reader, you are lucky to have the award-winning chapbook of JinJin Xu before you. These superb poems resonate with personal and cultural intimacy. JinJin Xu writes with the insight and skill of a veteran poet, a doyen, a griot. Her lines open and breathe on the page as they do in the mind and heart. There Is Still Singing in the Afterlife is inventive, linguistic, ambitious, tender, wise, brave. This fabulous chapbook may be a collector’s item someday.”

—  Terrance Hayes

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Black Warrior Review, 2022

Marble Surface

JinJin Xu 徐今今 is a poet and filmmaker. She is the 2020 winner of the Poetry Society of America’s George Bogin Memorial Award and her poetry and essays have received honors from 92Y Discovery Prize, Southern Humanities Review, Tupelo Press, Poetry Society of America's Cecil Hemley Prize, Global Research Institute (Athens), and two Pushcart nominations. Her films have exhibited at Berlin’s Harun Farocki Institute, NYC’s The Immigrant Artist Biennial, NYU's Production Lab, LA Design Festival, and she was a curatorial fellow at the Flaherty Seminars.


Born and raised in Shanghai, she received her BA from Amherst College and traveled for a year as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow recording docu-poems with women dislocated cross nine countries. She received her MFA in Poetry from NYU, where was a Lillian Vernon fellow, and now teaches hybrid ballet/poetry workshops through NYU Tisch's Art of Future Imaginations Grant, and served as Books Editor of Washington Square Review.

Her debut chapbook There Is Still Singing in the Afterlife was selected by Aria Aber for the inaugural Own Voices Chapbook Prize (Radix Media, 2020). Her second chapbook This Is My Testimony interrogates language, otherness, and belonging in writing workshops (Black Warrior Review, 2022).


She is currently Guest Features Director of LIFE China, and curator of CHAOS Shanghai.


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"There Is Still Something of the Ghost About You" JinJin Xu© 2020

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