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Whale Song

AI interactive sound installation,
“Eastern Wind” ship mast, 2023

Whale Song, the most ancient form of song in the world, can be heard and responded to 3000km away, far beyond the ocean radar’s range.
Humans invest in monumental instruments of geopolitical and scientific significance that communicate, trade, and facilitate war across great distances while ignoring and silencing the non-human voices and songs around us.
After sixty years of sleep, the mast of “Eastern Wind”—China’s first self-researched, designed, and built 10,000-ton ocean-faring vessel—is transformed into a vessel for non-human listening.
How can we use listening to reach beyond the human boundaries of language? Instead of trying to “decipher” or “translate” whale song into human language, this interactive AI sound installation disrupts our anthropocentric linguistic system, using artificial intelligence to reimagine a cyborg song—a call-and-response that transcends human/non-human binaries, inviting you to listen and sing together with whales.

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