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What Would You Say If You Could? (II, III, IV)

performance, 2021, 2022

TRI SPACE, Shanghai, China, 2021

Interactive performance with audience, where strangers are connected by the pipes intertwined on the artist’s body to speak and listen to the secrets of another stranger.

public intervention /sound installation
pipes,12 trees, phone app
WuKang Road, Shanghai, China, 2022

Public intervention on Wu Kang Lu "the most romantic street" of Shanghai leading up to Valentine's day, exploring secrecy, intimacy, and the things we keep private from one another in our most intimate relationships.
12 historic oak trees lining the road were transformed into a gathering place for secrets and confessions. Through a phone app, the passerby can whisper and listen to secrets recorded by strangers.

Public Intervention
pipes, two chairs
Valentine’s Day, Wu Kang Road, Shanghai, China 2022
On Valentine’s day, the artist sat under the tree for 10 hours, and listened to the secrets of strangers. Hundreds of passerbys sat on the chair on the opposite side of the tree and spoke .

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