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What Would You Hear If You Could? #9:
“As If We Are In Between Sleeping and Waking”

site-specific video installation
Projection, resin, fabric (collected locally), mirrors

In 2018, the artist lived with a community of dislocated women in Bogor, an outskirt of Jakarta, Indonesia during the hot months of Ramadan. Xu witnessed the women sleeping all day to escape their realities, because wakefulness was often more horrifying than their dreams. The fabrics collected from homes of dislocated women around the world are frozen in time, suspended in states of intimacy, loss, temporality, exile, listlessness—living in between uncertainty and fear, the women collectively chose to escape into liminal states of sleep.

Yet, no matter the women’s situation, the walls of their temporary bedrooms are always decorated with care—the site-specific video installation attempts to “re-remember” intimate fragments and memories filmed inside their bedrooms, inviting the viewer to “listen” through care, intimacy, and touch.



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