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You Still Have Something of The Ghost About You

5:07, color, video, 2020

5:07, color, video
Shanghai Biennale, Emerging Curator’s Project, 2023
The cento-film "You Still Have Something of the Ghost About You" was shot in the hauntingly empty casinos during the COVID-19 pandemic in Macau, China after I left government quarantine and realized I’d stumbled into the underworld. The polyvocal collage slips the viewer into an otherworldly, post-COVID globalized hypnosis: interweaving strangely prescient texts from Chinese and Western epics such as Dream of the Red Chamber, Journey to the West, Beastiary, Dante’s Inferno, and contemporary texts such as John Cage’s X, and Gu Cheng’s Ying’er, to journey into the afterlife of forgetfulness.

5:07, fog installation, projector, video
Beijing Sound Museum, 2023
Currently on view at the Beijing Sound Art Museum, and at the Shanghai Biennale (Emerging Curators' Project). Viewers can walk into the ethereal projection, disrupting the realms of life/afterlife, boundaries between digital and dream.

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